Friday, August 26, 2011

Constitution Day-September 17th.

This week’s clicks are all about Constitution Day on Sept 17. I wanted to give you enough time to explore these links and incorporate them into your lessons. There are more activities and ideas on the library website.

1. Architect’s Virtual Capitol Really cool videos and tours of our nation’s capitol.

2. DocsTeach From the National Archives, this source gives you ideas on how to teach history using documents. Documents may also be photographs or videos. Looks interesting.

3. Constitution Day Great site. Has an easy to read version of the constitution and biographies of the Founding Fathers.

4. Ben’s Guide for kids Has some great information and activities for kids to do at all grade levels.

5. Constitution Day Lesson Plans Lesson plans and activities.

I hope you find something you can use in this newsletter. If you do, please make a comment.

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