Thursday, October 27, 2011

Math-Facts and Problem Solving Two

This week ’ s clicks, once again, are all about Math. I found too much good stuff in my search to hit you all at once. These can be used for instruction with the mimeo, an independent activity or put on your web site. If you find something in your search for sources, please let me know so that the resource can be shared with others. I hope you are able to find something in here you can use in your classrooms.

1. – Here is a great game to challenge students. There are One Hundred Boxes numbering from 1 to 100. Addition and Subtraction problems are given one at a time with one of the boxes as the answer. The home page for Fuel the has some downloadable games and printables such as Pumpkin Concentration with versions that cover number dots, multiplication facts for 2s and 3s or addition.

2. IXLLearning – Search for activities by grade level and/or state standard.

3. Mathopolis- This site has a Question of the Day and Math Quizzes. It starts at Year 3 and goes to Years 9-12 which indicated this site is from Canada or England as they use Year instead of Grade. This site is sponsored by Math is Fun.

4. MathChimp – This site is free but you need to create a login. They have games organized by grade level and common core standards. Might be good for a center or to put on you web site.

5. – Here is a site that is great for a rainy Saturday or a holiday when you have nothing to do. There is a potpourri of wonderful activities and interesting stuff. This might be a good site to have to give those kids who are done with everything and tell them to “ E xplore this site and let me know what you found. ”

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