Monday, December 12, 2011

Best of 2011

Here is the best teacher links of 2011 suggested through
many blogs. There is a lot to explore so take your time. I
hope you can find something that will enhance your teaching.

1. 2011 Told through Twitter feeds.

2. The best digital books of 2011– This links will take you to a blog where
the author gives their opinion of the best digital books of 2011.

3. Edutopia- Best of 2011 Educational Resources and articles. Lots of reading

4. Top 12 video writing prompts of 2011-From Teach This is a
great resource for out of the ordinary writing prompts. Inspire your students.

5. also posted the Top 10 Educational videos of 2011.

6. Bonus: Project 365-Some people have a blog where they blog a picture
everyday. Some pictures are of the blog author, some of the same topic,
and some are of what ever they find interesting. My favorite is the Everything
burger blog.

I hope you can find something you can use in this newsletter. If you do,
please make a comment.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Links Part Two

Christmas is once again the focus of our clicks. These links not only are for you to use with your class but with your children, or grandchildren, during the holidays. Have fun exploring.
1. History of the Christmas tree. This infograph shows the history of the Christmas tree.
2. Santafilbricks for kids– This is a matching game. You must match the bricks before the row gets ot the bottom. Once it gets to the bottom the game is over.
3. 12ways to e learning-This is a livebinder with many professional development opportunities that you can do online at any time. I might wait until spring break of summer vacation.
4. SantaTracker– Here’s something we didn’t have when I was a kid. Not only does it track Santa but there is a new game each day.
5. UniqueGingerbreadcookies-Tired of the regular gingerbread cookies. Here are some unique ideas from a blog called “Cute food for Kids.”
6. Bonus: Interactive Advent Calendar-Here is an advent calendar with many, many activities to explore.
I hope you can find something you can use in this newsletter. If you do, please make a comment.