Friday, September 23, 2011

Math-Place Value

This week’s clicks are all about place value. The focus of my searches will be to find activities that you can do with your students on the mimeo or set up as a learning center that will reinforce the low SEs of not only the district but of our campus as well. I hope you area able to find something in here you can use in your classrooms.

1. Place value from Toon University. Students need to change words to numbers and visa-versa. Three different levels. Very challenging and entertaining.

2. Here is another game from Funbrain where students click on the place value. There are several levels that go from easy to super brain which includes decimals. Find the level that is right for your students.

3. Here is a fun one from LearningBox where students build the number using place value rods. If you don’t have place value rods you can use this activity.

4. This website, called Base 10 block, will replace the base 10 blocks you check out of the library. You can give students the problems and they can create it. Great for the mimeo or Smartboard.

5. Math has several different place value games for various skills. Choose the one that is right for your students.

6. Bonus Click: Hardcourt School Publishers has interactive games that go with their textbooks. Here is the link for Math.

I hope you find something you can use in this newsletter. If you do, please make a comment.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Poetry Part Two

In my search for poetry sites, I found too many good ones to be contained in one issue. So here is another issue made up of poetry links and things to think about. Choose your favorites and share on the blog. Enjoy.

1. Fizzy Funny Fuzzy Poetry– All kinds of poems can be found here. There is even a section where you can listen to the poems instead of reading them.

2. From PBS an interview with Nikki Grimes on how her childhood influences her work.

3. Poetry Archive-Included in this wonderful site are a variety of poets, lesson plans and a glossary of poetic terms. You may create a user name and password to log in. The site is from the UK.

4. This link, titled The Poetry Place, is from Mifflin County School District in PA.

5. Books can be written in Poetry format such as Love That Dog or Hate That Cat both by Sharon Creech and Where I live by Eileen Spinelli. Love That Dog and Where I live were both on the Bluebonnet list at one point in time. Both are very easy to read and bring home the point that poetry need not rhyme.

6. Bonus link: Something to think about. Music as Poetry lesson plan. Step-by-Step directions.

I hope you find something you can use in this newsletter. If you do, please make a comment.

Friday, September 9, 2011


Poetry is often left out of the elementary classroom or just tucked in during Poetry month in April or after “The Test.” Here are some sites for you to use through out the year. Choose your favorites and share on the blog.

1. Definitions of Different types of poetry are found here. It is totally free so watch out for ads.

2. Need a thesaurus? No All you need is Rhyme Zone. While not all poetry needs to rhyme, this site will help you find words and phrases that will rhyme. It’s free so watch for ads.

3. Poetry4kids is a neat site. There are videos and games geared towards poetry. There is a social part of it too as you can create an account and have them email you weekly funny poems. Create an account and you have access to contests, forums, journal and create your own journal. There is a page that will link you to may authors of poetry.

4. Funny poetry for children is a site by Meadowbrook press which publishes a lot of poetry books for children. There is poetry theater here along with some great poetry. Watch for sales on this site.

5. Poem Creator There is an Acrostic and shape poem creator as well as others. Watch for links that want you to pay.

6. Bonus: Haiku maker. I did this as an activity with 4th and 5th grade last year. You can print out their creations too! Kids seemed to enjoy it.

I hope you find something you can use. If you do, please make a comment.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Traditional Literature

One of the genres that is studied this six weeks is Traditional Literature. I wanted to give you some clicks that would help you when you do get to Traditional Literature should it not be this six weeks.

Learning to Give is a website with many folktales and myths for you to use. The stories are used to build character in the listeners. Some just give a summary. Some are the entire story. Watch for the links that want you to purchase something.

2. American Folklore Great site with lots of choices for stories. Folk tales to tall tales.

3. RickWalton Many stores to choose from. Stories are in alphabetical order.

4. Scholastic has a great site for writing and for telling stories. Includes myths, folk tales and fairy tales.

5. Grimm’s Fairy Tales has more than 200 stories.

6. Bonus: Classic Fairy Tales are found on this site which also has teachers unit lesson plans.

I hope you find something you can use. If you do, please make a comment .