Sunday, October 2, 2011

Columbus Day- a Week of Exploration

This week’s clicks are all about Christopher Columbus. If you have a subscription to BrainPop. There is a video there and some activities like a quiz, a page that would be good for note taking during the video and a vocabulary page.I hope you area able to find something in here you can use in your classrooms.

1. Teacher Planet has some coloring pages, a song, and some arts and crafts activities. More coloring pages here from another source.

The Mariners Museum in Newport News Va., has an Age of Exploration free curriculum guide with lesson plans, videos, and activities. (They also have a great distance learning program for $125 that would be like a field trip. They also send activities and lessons to do with your students before and after the program. There are many programs.)

3. West with Columbus :Here is a board game. There are two pages. Students will learn north, south, east and west.

4. The Holiday Zone has a reading comprehension passage, vocabulary sheet and may more activities.

5. Powerpoints from Phillip Martin

6. Bonus Link from Kids Connect. There are many additional links for your exploration. Some are better than others. All are free so watch out for those pesky adds.

I hope you find something useful. If you do please make a comment.

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  1. I recieved this comment via email from a teacher who recieves her clicks via the newsletter. "Although I don't blog, I wanted you to know that we are using some click info this week. We will be singing some Columbus Day songs and making the paper sailors' hats in Pre-K. Thank you for the inspiration and ideas !"

    Kathy Withrow