Monday, January 9, 2012

Teacher Tools Part II

I found so much in my search for teacher tools that this week’s links
are also about tools. These links are to make your life as an educator
a little easier and not spend so much time on school activities and
spend more time with your family. I hope you can find something that will enhance your teaching.

1. says it is a way to keep track of student behavior, print or email reports. I haven’t checked it out but it was highly recommended to me. Free and log in is required.

2. Google Reader-If you don’t use this resources yet to keep up with reading educational blogs, here is a great resource to explain Google reader to you in simple language.

3. Google Tools in Education-This guide will get you started in using and getting familiar with all the Google tools available to use in your classroom.

4. Google Apps for Education-This is a live binder for Google Apps. If you haven’t used live binders they are a neat way to organize online material.

5. 8 Free tools for teachers from Microsoft– Some of these I have used or told you
about before. Good place to start if you haven’t yet.

6. looks like a great site for online Smarboard
games. Try them out with the Mimeo to enhance your teaching or for students to use
when they are finished with their work. They can also be played online.

I hope you can find something you can use in this newsletter. If you do, please make a comment.

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