Monday, February 20, 2012

This and That Part 1

Through my online explorations and reading I have not focused on any one topic. Here are a few of the interesting topics, sites, and blogs I found this week.

1. Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy– Here is a link from a wikispaces link. It is a PDF of printable posters created by Andrew Churches. It puts programs and activities in terms of Blooms Taxonomy.

2. Free worksheets from Learning Workroom– These “worksheets” should have been called practice sheets. It is more an opportunity for students to practice what they should have learned in class. There are many word searches which will help with spelling. You can extend it to give them as math vocabulary words.

3. The Periodic Table of Videos– Here is a great way to teach all the elements. We have our Element of the week for science, perhaps you could show one of the videos each week so the students can see a little about the elements.

4. Webcam Toy– This is a really fun way to take webcam pictures. There are many effects for you to play with. Have fun! I did! Also over on the left hand side there are more activities for you to play with.

5. A Teacher’s Life for Me- This is a really great blog post from a 5th grade teacher about developing good writers. All good advice.

6. Bonus: 50 New tech tools you should know about– Challenge: If you have some time, try to find something new that you can use in the classroom and then post what you found and how you are going to use it on the blog.

I hope you can find something you can use. If you do, please make a comment.

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