Monday, November 7, 2011

Language Arts-Writing

This week ’ s click are focused around language arts. The clicks I have looked at this week an be used as writing tools. They go from teaching the skills to actually using and creating things. I hope you and your students have fun with these things. If you or your students create something make sure you share it on your website or through email.

LittleBirdTales- Students can create a story using this online activity. You need to create a free account and there is an option to create a school account. Students can upload pictures for their pages and then type and/or narrate the story. This could be used as a writing activity or for a narrated report. You can save contacts so you can email the finished project to a grandparent or parent.

2. Fake iPhone Text – Students can type in conversations between two characters in a novel, two people in history, or could do an interview of a character in a book or history. You type in a conversation between two people and then you click create it takes out who the people are. You could create a conversation between two characters in a novel you are reading and based on the conversation the students could infer who are the speakers. You can use it from the link or download on to your computer.

3. Skillswise-English- This site, from the BBC, is designed for adults to work on basic language skills, but could be useful in an elementary classroom or if you know of an adult who needs to and wants to work on their language skills. There are simple games and short videos that will bring home the point in minimal of time. Topics include Reading, Writing, Spelling ( caution here the English spell things differently at times ) Word and sentence grammar, and speaking and listening. The videos could be useful as an anticipatory set or in providing purpose as to why we teach these skills. The videos are of adults using the skills in real life.

4. Toondoo- This is a cartoon developer. Students can write and illustrate their own cartoons. Could be used in may different subject areas. This could be used as a Rockin Reader project. You do need a user name and password to create, but access is instant. Have fun!

5. ZooBurst – First you need to create a login. Once logged in you can create a profile. While the basic account is free, if you want more features there is a monthly fee. You must write something on the page before the pictures will move to the page. Colors can be changed and pictures can be uploaded.

I hope you can find something you can use. If you do, please make a comment.

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