Monday, November 14, 2011

Electronic Book Reports-Meet the Cast

Late in October I went to a workshop at Region 12 with a focus on electronic book reports. These next few Clicks will be from that workshop. These are clicks that I found more useful and more fun for kids.

1. Scholastic ’ s Character Scrapbook – This great part of Scholastic ’ s site will allow students to create an avatar of the character and tell you a lot about the character. It can be printed out but can not be saved so a template should be created for the student to use as a prewriting tool.

2. Bio-Cube – This is from Read-Write-Think and comes with a planning sheet. It is designed for a biography type project and can be printed out. It can be hard to change sides of the cube. Check it out before assigning to your students.

3. My Fake Wall – Here is a site that you can create a fake Facebook page. There is a page already made and you must make the changes. Here is a link for a template for this activity.

4. Fake Tweet Builder- This site is where students can create a conversation between characters or interview a character from a book or from history.

5. Talking Characters: There are several sites where students can create an avatar or use a picture and record a voice to make the picture or avatar talk. Those sites are:
Voki – create an avatar and then record your voice.
Blabberize- Use photos to create a talking photo.
Fotobabble – Use photos to create a talking photo.

6. Bonus: Voicethread- Students can create a voice thread and others can comment on it. Good for biography reports or report on a book. Can be put on line or viewed digitally. Can also be used for digital storytelling.

I hope you can find something you can use in this newsletter. If you do, please make a comment.

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